Martha Stewart Monday | Seattle Senior Photographer

I am a total bibliophile. I absolutely love curling up with a good book. The smell of a new book is intoxicating & there is something so magical about the scent & feel of a musty old book. I am also a home-decor enthusiast. A beautifully arranged bookshelf can turn a sterile apartment into a warm, loved & lived in home. However, most of the best books aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing ones. A few years ago I found myself with a nicely filled bookshelf, but not all with books that I really felt added anything to my room’s personality. That’s why I started covering up some of my uglier books. Books like “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” or “Men Are From Mars” are great reads, but not really ones I think NEED to be proudly displayed the way Harry Potter or The Hobbit need to be.

For today’s craft that’s exactly what I’m showing you how to do! It’s pretty much exactly like wrapping a gift. Only you’re also gluing the wrapping paper down and not just taping the corners. Trim off pieces that make it too bulky & that’s really all there is to it. Easiest best craft EVAH!

Fugly book


FIRST STEP: Slime glue all over the outside of your book!

2ND STEP: Wrap some pretty paper around it & tape it down on the inside cover. Snip off extra pieces that make the folds all bulky. It will close flatter that way. Use another book to flatten out any glue bubbles.
3RD STEP: Glue on an embellishment! The spine and the cover are both good places.
seattle-senior-photographer-30 seattle-senior-photographer-284TH STEP: Make more!
Easy, right? & so pretty!
Happy crafting, friends!


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