Beauty Tip Tuesday | Seattle Senior Photographer

Nails! Nails! Nails! Omg, guys. Nails. One of the easiest things you can do to add a little spunk to your look. Bad ones can take your look from polished to sloppy. One of the latest trends in nail art are nail decals. You can go to a salon & get minx for a pretty penny which I definitely recommend for an occasion, or you can run to the drug store for some Sally Hansen Salon Effects decals & look just as fab for a fraction of the price! They come in solid shades & patterns, they’re user friendly & they last for about two weeks. Sounds good to me! I decided to start out with this little geometric pattern. I’ve had them on for about three days now & they STILL look as fresh as day one.
All you have to do is rough up your nails a little with a file, stick them on, file them to shape & you are good to go! No dry time! That’s music to the ears of a busy mama like me!
Sally Hansen, folks. Now run your happy booties down to Target & pick up a set of your own!



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