Beauty Tip Tuesday | Portland Senior Photographer

I have dyed my hair zillions of times. From the time I was about 13 to now (27) I have had non-stop dye or bleach or something funky in my hair. I’ve melted it with at home highlights, I’ve turned it orange with sun-in spray, It’s been platinum blonde to black to all shades in between. I don’t know if it’s a quarter life crisis or the best crazy decision I’ve ever made, but just recently I finally got brave enough to dye it a funky shade of lavender & I never want to go back!
If you want to find your perfect shade of the rainbow, consider a few things first. Your skin & eye color should be complimentary of the shade you’re dying. Look at a color wheel. The basic rule of complementary colors is: colors on opposite sides of the color wheel compliment each other & make the other pop. Think about colors you KNOW look good on you. Chances are they look good because they are complimentary to your skin’s undertones or the shade of your eyes.


Looking at the color wheel, you can see purples will bring out the greens in your eyes & compliment golden skin tones, while blues would pop a light brown eye, or fire engine red would look fierce with blue eyes (think Ariel).

Second thing to consider: Are you prepared to have people stare at you & ask you lots of questions everywhere you go? I have just now come to accept that a trip to the store will result in a conversation about my hair in the cereal aisle or produce section & probably another one with the cashier. People are very curious & that’s ok with me, but for an introvert I could see it getting pretty overwhelming. Older people also aren’t always accustomed to seeing people with unusual hair & see it the way they see piercings or tattoos & still consider it to be pretty taboo. So if you’re not ready to worry grandma, you might want to opt for something a little less permanent like hair chalk.

Third point to consider: Does your job allow it? Make sure you bring it up to your boss before making the change. You’d be surprised to find out MANY companies are not cool with unnatural hair cuts or colors.

Fourth thing: In order to really pull off looking put together & you can’t really zip up a hoodie with some yoga pants & leave the house (I don’t think you should do that anyway). To really make your fun colored hair work for you  & not wear YOU, you’ve got to work it! Put on a belted dress! Add a sassy scarf to your tee & jeans outfit or pop on some red lipstick. Adding subtle touches to your outfit to look like you made an effort to look put together will make all the difference in the world.

Fifth important thing: It’s not a bad idea to go to a stylist. Sure you can DIY it with some Manic Panic, but for me I wanted a very specific smoky lavender & I just didn’t trust myself. I wanted my ish done right! So I asked around & googled around & found the best alternative colorist in San Diego, Violet The Stylist. I knew by just her name that she’d be the best equipped for the job & she was worth the 45 minute drive. I was not disappointed! See a specialist & you will not be disappointed either.

Sixth point: Are you ready to have the best accessory ever attached to your head?! It’s so much fun to have your hair be the pop of color in your outfit. I definitely feel like all of my outfits have gone from BLAHH to fairy princess lavender goddess diva & I think everyone should have a fun hair color at least once!

Here are a couple of pictures of me with my new lavender ‘do!
seattle-senior-photographer-16 seattle-senior-photographer-zz

Have a fabulous week & thanks for listening to me blab about beautay!
Rock on, my glamor queens!


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