WISE WEDNESDAY | Portland Senior Photographer

I have been so stuck lately. I am on the cusp of finally moving back home to Seattle, but because of some issues with my husband’s early medical retirement from the military & the red tape that goes along with it, we don’t know exactly when we’re moving home. It could be in a month, or it could be in four months. So naturally, not having control over my future has put me under a tremendous amount of stress. I just want to live in my forever home now. This is something that has really been bumming me out. In fact I was so bummed that I couldn’t even bring myself to post a positive affirmation last wednesday. I was in such a negative place & inspiration was not something I was responding to. Finally, after a talk with a friend I was snapped back to reality. The future does not exist yet! The past no longer exists. All we have is right now. This moment.
I am glad to say that I am back on track & feeling good. I am planning a few awesome projects that I have control over right now & I’ve put the thoughts of my move on the shelf to be revisited when they become reality. Have you ever felt this way? What were some ways that you conquered feelings of powerlessness, impatience or longing?  For me it has been to constantly remind myself to stay present to stay peaceful! 🙂

Carpe Diem, everyone!


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