‘TOG SPOTLIGHT | Seattle Senior Photographer

Cortnie Dee is my photography P.I.C. Naturally when it came time to choose a photographer for my first Small Business Spotlight post, she was my first choice! I even got the opportunity to capture some “behind the scenes” images of her styled session and of course I was all about it! Like white on rice! If you’d like to see the images captured from Miss Dee’s camera, you can find them HERE. If you’re interested in these BEAUTIFUL antique rentals from Regenerate Rentals, you can find them HERE.

Here are some images from my day of shadowing her at work:

Seattle-senior-photographer-11 seattle-senior-photographer-12 seattle-senior-photographer-13 seattle-senior-photographer-14 seattle-senior-photographer-15 seattle-senior-photographer-16 seattle-senior-photographer-17

Isn’t she just the cutest little cupcake EVER? She’s soon to be relocated from the San Diego area to the Houston TX area & is now booking, so book away, Texans! Book away!



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