MARTHA STEWART MONDAY | seattle senior photographer

It’s time again, for me to channel my favorite craft goddess, M-Stew. For this installment of Martha Stewart Monday, I’m going to show you how to make these adorable clothes pin photo display magnets! I got the idea for these a while ago when out of nowhere, the craft fairy bit me & I  just felt the craftin’ urge!

So here’s what I did!
Gather those materials! Clothes pins, ribbon (or paper strips), glue, magnet (I used an old advertisement magnet from the dentist or something.)
Glue ribbon to clothes pin. The top pinchy side was my starting point (see below).
seattle-senior-photographer-2{STEP THREE}
Glue on the magnetic strips & let that sucker dry for a few hours.
Display on your fridge! So cute, right? I made a top of these & even used some as chip bag clips!
Thanks for crafting with me!


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